Smoby Kids 4 Seasons Playhouse

The Smoby 4 seasons outdoor playhouse is not only a place to play, but also a fun educational tool to help your child develop their curiosity and understanding of the world around them.

Original price was: £169.99.Current price is: £151.95.

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Equipped with a chime, a wind vane/anemometer, a rain gauge as well as a fun board, the house allows you to understand and discover weather phenomena in a fun way! Your children will be able to observe the speed and direction of the wind thanks to the wind vane/anemometer and measure the level of rain thanks to the graduated rain gauge! After observing, your children will be able to transcribe their findings on the fun board by turning or moving up and down the sliders indicating the seasons, the temperature felt, the level of rain that has fallen and the day’s weather.

You will be able to keep your house in your garden for a long time thanks to its stable and resistant structure and its anti-UV treatment which guarantees its robustness and durability of its colours over time. Easy to assemble.

Key Information

• House with a weather and seasons theme it has 1 blown plastic door, 2 windows with louvers and a sliding shutter on which the child can draw with chalk.
• Many activities will allow your children to understand the weather in a playful way
• The wind chime and wind vane will allow your children to observe the direction and speed of the wind
• The rain gauge will allow your children to measure the level of rain
• Features chalk board to record the observations
• The facades of the house are decorated with animals
• Treated against UV rays to guarantee its robustness and the durability of its colours over time
• Sturdy design
• Easy to assemble
• Assembled dimensions: W102.7 x D121.8 x H143.4 cm









Epic Extras

Smoby Kids Sweet Corner Play House
  • Modern design with 1 half door, 2 windows with louvered shutter, and a sliding shutter
  • 2 spaces dedicated to preparation and sale are include
  • 18 accessories are included
  • Plastic pieces are Anti-UV treated
  • Stable and sturdy structure
  • Easy to assemble.
Original price was: £179.99.Current price is: £169.95.
smoby kids garden playhouse
Smoby Kids Garden Play House
• A high-quality, safe and sturdy Gardening Playhouse for imaginative kids • Beautiful design with accompanying trellis, planter, flower pots, waterbutt, and watering can for realistic play • Comes with a Gardener’s booklet with three clips to hang labels or seed packets • Large and spacious playhouse standing at 1m35tall • Long-lasting fun with the inclusion of necessary accessories; a shovel, rake, dibble and six planting pots • Suitable for children over the age of 2 years • Made in France with meticulous care and quality • Available in a lovely green and grey colour scheme • Product dimensions l:128.5 x w:132 x h:135 cm
Original price was: £329.99.Current price is: £289.95.
Smoby The New Friends House With Kitchen-0
Smoby Kids Neo Friends Play House With Kitchen
This Smoby Neo Friends Playhouse includes a Kitchen for hours of pretend tea-party and barbecue fun! Taller than traditional playhouses, it feels extra spacious on the inside, while a summer kitchen and picnic area help to nurture your child’s imagination. The plastic construction uses imitation wood, stone rendering and trellis to give it a modern, eye-catching look. It’s fitted with 2 doors – 1 at the front, the other at the back. 2 of the 6 windows feature 360 degree pivoting shutters, and the picnic table can sit in or outside the playhouse. It also has an electronic doorbell to make it feel even more realistic. The summer kitchen is the perfect place to hose pretend tea parties and barbecues, coming complete with 2 plates, glasses and sausages, as well as a stew pot and a cutlery set.
Original price was: £409.99.Current price is: £347.95.