Rebo Wooden Swing Set plus Deck & Slide – Comet Pink

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Our gorgeous Rebo wooden swing sets are the perfect addition to your garden and with the added deck and slide these swings sets are going to provide hours of fun for children of all ages.

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Our gorgeous Rebo wooden swing sets are the perfect addition to your garden and with the added deck and slide these swings sets are going to provide hours of fun for children of all ages.

Constructed of pressure treated timber they are built to last. Over engineered 90mm top beam ensures maximum strength combine with 70mm legs ensures your children stay safe at all times.

The added deck is designed to fit to the side of the swing set and will add an extra dimension to the fun thanks to the 6ft injection moulded slide.

NOTE: This item is constructed of natural wood and it may split or crack, this does not affect the structure or strength of the item, even if there are cracks in the wood on delivery this is completely normal and will not affect the strength and durability of the product.

Warning: We recommend small children are supervised by an adult at all times while on play equipment and you allow a safety perimeter

Tools including a drill are required in the assembly of this product

Key Features

  • Pressured treated timber
  • 90cm platform height
  • 6ft slide
  • 2 x Single Swing Seats
  • 1 x Trapeze
  • Comes flatpack with full instructions
  • All fixtures and fittings provided
  • Injection moulded plastic slide
  • Strong durable accessories
  • Sturdy construction
  • Soft feel ropes
  • Maximum user weight for single swing seat - 60KG
  • Maximum user weight for slide - 50KG

Timber Care, Splits and Treatment 

The round Pole timber is a natural material, which adapts to its changing environment. the timber will move, swells and contract; which is all normal behaviour for Round Poles.

It is common for naturally occurring splits to form and appear in the poles. Especially in warm, dry sunny weather conditions as the wood shrinks, however in wet weather it expands back. The moisture content of the timber can reduce by 50% in warm weather conditions These environmental changes can cause the cracks. We design all of our round poles to be thick and strong so natural wood splits won't affect the overall strength of the pole. However if you have any concerns then please do email us with an image and we will review these for you. Please rest assured that the majority of wood splits will never become deep or wide enough to affect the reliability and strength of our swing set but please contact us with any concerns

After the treatment process it is natural for a green mottling to become visible on the surface of the wood. it is often confused and believed that this is a mould that has formed on the timber. This coloration is caused when the copper based treatment, which serves as the preservative, reacts with the resin already present in the timber. This can be brushed off, however it may come back a few times but it is not detrimental to the item

Pressure treatment is the most common form of treatment increasing the long term resilience of the wood. the treatment is weather-resistant and safe to humans and your garden plants alike, again if more information is required then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wood is a natural product so requires some care and maintenance as it weathers over time. Periodically check over the whole product inline with the instructions provided ensuring that the item is tightened up where needed if the timber has shrunk due to warm dry weather.

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