Police Range Rover style SUV 4×4 off road 12v Electric Ride on Jeep – White

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Opening Doors

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The Range Rover style ride on Police jeep just looks amazing and means your littler law enforcers can roam the streets in style!

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Amazing Range Rover Style 4 x 4 Police car with working flashing lights!

This battery-powered, ride on electric car can be driven by the normal in-car controls using the gearstick and pedal. The parental control can also operate the car forward and reverse gears and turn the steering wheel left and right.


This licensed ride on car boasts a whole bunch of awesome features such as:

  • Seat capacity - Two-seater
  • Opening doors - Realistic opening doors.
  • Working front and rear suspension - Real working suspension!
  • 2.4G Bluetooth Parental remote control - included
  • MP3/USB player input - included
  • Working LED lights - front and rear
  • Motor type - 2 x 12V 25W (Twin motors)
  • Suitable age range - 3-6 (or younger with full parental supervision)
  • Maximum speed - 3.5km/h
  • Opening doors - Realistic opening doors.

Media Console Features

  • MP3 Player - The car comes with a cable that plugs into the dashboard, allowing an MP3 player or any other device with a headphones socket to be plugged in and the music played through the car speaker. Plugging in a device disables the in-car sounds!
  • USB / SD Card input - The car also has slots on the dash allowing a USB device or SD card to play music played through the car speaker.
  • Horn and Music Sounds - The car also features a steering wheel activated horn and music sounds.
  • Steering wheel sounds - The steering wheel has a button that plays a horn sound, 'beep beep'!

Battery & Motor Information

  • Twin motors - Twin motors for each rear drive wheel means better performance on rougher surfaces or grass.
  • Charge time - 14 hours for a full charge
  • Run time - Up to 1 hour from a full charge (depending on the type of use)
  • Battery type - 12V (1 x 12V 4.5Ah) lead-acid
  • Motor type - 2 x 12V 35W
  • Battery meter - Dashboard mounted battery meter to indicate remaining playtime.

Seat capacity & features

  • Seat capacity - two-seater
  • Two-seater - This model is fitted with a double seat, suitable for two younger children or one single older child.

Dimensions & Weights

  • Dimensions - 110cm x 68cm x 52cm

Other Information

  • Available Colours - White, Black, Red
  • Suitable operating surface - Firm, flat surfaces and flat lawns only.
  • Parental Remote - The car can be used with the in-car controls, using the pedal, forwards/reverse gear-lever and steering wheel, or can optionally be used remotely with the parental control. The parental radio remote can operate from around 20m away, controls forwards/reverse, and moves the steering wheel left and right. The remote is a 2.4G Bluetooth type, so it will not be subject to any interference.
  • Working lights - The blue/red flashing lights and front headlights can be switched on and off using the dashboard switch. The rear lights illuminate in reverse.
  • Optional traffic cones - *Traffic cones are optional and not included

Age and Max Height Guidelines

The aged stated within the information above is a simple guideline based on an average build for these age groups and should not be considered definite compatibility.

If you are unsure if the product you are looking at is suitable for children, please get in touch.

Most electronic toys, or any toy that has small parts, are considered unsuitable for children under three years old, and as such, most of our products fall in this category.

NOTE: This car is NOT suitable for two older children sitting together - check seat dimensions before purchasing!

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 110 × 68 × 52 cm






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Parental Remote