Bestway Fast Set Oval 18ft x 12ft x 48" Swimming Pool

Bestway Fast Set Oval 18ft x 12ft x 48" Swimming Pool
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This large sized home swimming pool is ideal for summer parties and large gatherings. The Bestway Fast Set Oval 18ft x 12ft x 48" Swimming Pool has an oval shape, ideal for lengths is great for cooling down on a hot day.

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The Bestway 18ft Oval Fast Set™ Pool Set is the perfect size for summer parties and large family gatherings. Its oval shape also makes it perfect for practicing lengths because you can do circuit after circuit without stopping to turn around. It’s also a fine, fine way to cool down on a boiling summer’s day!

 The 18ft pool has been specially designed for a quick and simple set-up. Once a flat, solid surface has been located all that’s needed is to inflate the silver upper ring, fill the blue base with water and watch in awe as the swimming pool rises and forms its finished shape.

 U-supports and tough metal frames are used to support the inflatable pool’s durable 3-ply walls, which are made by sandwiching polyester mesh between heavy gauge PVC layers. These durable layers help to create the above ground swimming pool’s comfortable and satisfying swimming environment.

 All that you need to set up the Fast Set™ Swimming Pool is an air pump to inflate the top ring and a water access point. Thanks to its flow control drain valve even filling and draining the garden swimming pool is a walk in the park (or should that be a paddle in the pool?)!

 The oval swimming pool also comes with an 800gal filter pump to purify the water and a 48in ladder for easy access. Incredibly, these are the only two parts of the set-up process that require the use of a screwdriver! Also included with thefamily swimming pool are a protective ground cloth, a cover to keep out grime.


  • Specifications: 18ft x 12ft x 4ft (5.49m x 3.66m x 1.22m)
  • Water Capacity: (80%) 15,033L
  • Pool Weight: 170lbs (77kg)
  • Liner: 6 months warranty
  • Hoses & Accessories: 1 months warranty
  • Colour Box: Length: 64cm | Depth: 51cm | Height: 153cm

Additional Information.

Length 543cm
Width 365cm
Height 121cm
Product code 56153

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