Bestway 14ft Steel Pro Frame Pool Set Swimming Pool

Bestway 14ft Steel Pro Frame Pool Set Swimming Pool
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With a 48 inch latter for easy access, and a great size, this Steel Pro Frame Bestway 14ft pool is perfect for summer parties, BBQs or simply chilling on a hot day.

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The Bestway 14ft Steel Pro™ Frame Pool Set is a perfect swimming pool for the garden because you don’t have to butcher a crisp, green lawn to set it up. It simple goes on top of it! Its size makes it perfect for summer parties, family barbecues or chilling out on a sizzling hot day.

 Because it’s set up straight on top of a flat, solid surface the metal frame swimming pool is far more convenient than in-ground swimming pools, which require days of digging, buckets of sweat and possible floods of tears. All in all the steel frame pool should take no more than an hour or two to construct and requires little more than a pair of hands!

 The family swimming pool’s tough PVC and polyester outer wall and ‘metal tech’ liner are held in place by durable steel frames, which are fitted together using ‘T’ connectors and ‘C’ clips. The connectors, clips and frames have been specially designed for easy connection so that setting up the above ground pool is as easy, quick and convenient as possible.

 Included with the home swimming pool is a 48in ladder to climb in and out the water and a 530gal filter pump to help keep water clear, clean and pristine. These are the only two parts of the swimming pool that require the use of a screwdriver! Other extras include a protective ground cloth and a tough cover to keep out debris.


  • Specifications: 14ft x 48in (4.27m x 1.22m)
  • Water Capacity: (90%) 15,232L
  • Pool Set Weight: 147lbs (66kg)
  • Liner: 6 months warranty
  • Frame: 6 months warranty
  • Hoses & Accessories: 1 month warranty
  • Colour Box: Length: 59cm | Depth: 39cm | Height: 153cm

Additional Information.

Length 426cm
Width 426cm
Height 121cm
Product code 56263

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