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Top 5 tips for enjoying a post-pandemic, post-Brexit Christmas

Yes, we know that Halloween has only just happened, but Christmas post-pandemic and post-Brexit will be slightly different. We felt that we wanted to urgently keep you all in the loop to ensure that your little people are not left disappointed. You have probably

Choosing a staycation

Each family enjoys a holiday, but finding your perfect time away can be very stressful. Have you considered a staycation? The definition of a staycation is, ’a holiday spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips

Fun things to do at home

We have all been affected by the current climate. While many people are trying to carrying on as normal as possible, some of us are having to adapt to be able to look after our children at home and work. This can be stressful but we've come up with some ideas to

How to use your trampoline for kids

So you think a trampoline for kids is just for bouncing, do you? Wrong! Your trampoline is a place for your kids to exercise and use their fantastic imaginations. Bouncy Ball Mayhem All of our trampolines currently have an amazing enclosure to keep your children

17 fun things to do outdoors

We firmly support messy play and enjoying the great outdoors. We have so many ideas on doing outdoors with children that we've put together this list of 17 ideas. No.1 - Balance Rocks First up on our things to do outdoors list, head down to the beach, and

Top 5 Toys for Smaller Gardens

As the weather warms up, cools down, warms up, cools down, changes to rain, hail, snow and then warms up slightly, we know that Summer is coming! When summer arrives, it's great to get the kids outside in the garden, but for those who don't have a huge amount of

Should You Buy a Trampoline or Buy a Bouncy Castle?

Summer is coming and you're no doubt preparing your garden for the (hopefully) hot weather. One of the most popular garden features are trampolines and bouncy castles. Both are great fun, great for exercise and are surprisingly affordable, but there are clear