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What’s hot this week

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming!  With just 1 month to go, we’re letting you know what’s hot this Christmas! These are the products which are flying off the shelves this month in the lead up to Christmas. The Range Rover Vogue Sports Style ride

Our Christmas Predictions

This year may feel different but nothing can stop the kids Christmas wish lists too Santa Claus and shopping on the high street may not be possible but we’ve got you covered. We have put together an EPIC list of this years hottest toys for you to choose

Our BIGGEST ride on car to date

Now we take pride in offering you the best of the best when it comes to our ride on cars. Whether they’re the latest car trends or licensed replicas, we strive to have the BEST. Well this month we’re offering the BIGGEST! Meet the ride on car to end ALL

7 ride on cars we know you’ll love

Being in lock down gave us a chance to see what we could do indoors, this made us appreciate the time we may have missed with our family. Now we have the freedom of the outdoors again we have a selection of cars so you and your little ones can have lots of fun in

New outdoor toys for June 2018

This June we have added range after range of amazing outdoor toys. Have you spotted any new ones? Here are a few highlights of new toys from June 2018: The Rubicon This awesome Rubicon style 4 wheel drive ride on jeep will have your children speeding around

How to use your trampoline for kids

So you think a trampoline for kids is just for bouncing, do you? Wrong! Your trampoline is a place for your kids to exercise and use their fantastic imaginations. Bouncy Ball Mayhem All of our trampolines currently have an amazing enclosure to keep your children

Customised Childrens Jeep

We love hearing from our customers their great feedback on ride on jeeps they've bought from us. We've just had an amazing email from a customer who has customised a Rocket Courage Jeep they bought from us and made it into a Jurassic Park jeep!! This is the

Epic Play steps into spring

Yay - What's that we can see in the sky?  A blue sky at that!  Glorious sunshine.  Sadly, we all know that the sun might not be here to stay but certainly as we move into spring we will find ourselves encouraging our little ones to play outside and enjoy the sun.

What to Buy an 8 Year Old for Christmas

Do you have an epic 8-year-old in your family? If, like many others, you are struggling to decide what to buy for your kids, then fear not. We have put together a list of the most popular toys for children aged 8 years old. Be sure to browse our online shop to find

What to buy a 4 year old for Christmas

Choosing Christmas presents can be difficult, especially for kids. You want to buy them something they will truly enjoy, something they will get the most amount of fun from, rather than something that will be forgotten by Boxing Day. In this article, we look at