Did you dream of having your very own Lamborghini? We certainly did! Cruising around past beaches in a stunning, shiny, brand new Lamborghini. It turns out they’re a little out of our price range (by at least a couple of hundred thousand pounds!). So we offer a compromise to all you Lamborghini adoring adults, spoil your kids instead! Buy them their very own Kids Lamborghini ride-on car!

Battery-powered cars aren’t the disappointing, fake-looking cars they used to be when we were kids visiting our favourite toy shop (you know, the one with the giant giraffe mascot). We offer Licensed Lamborghinis, which look just like the real thing!

Some highlights:

  • Opening doors – Realistic opening scissor doors.
  • Realistic working front and rear suspension.
  • 2.4G Bluetooth Parental remote control
  • MP3 player input
  • USB/SD Card music player
  • Steering wheel sounds
  • Working front LED headlights.

And so much more! Check out the full listing for our latest Kids Lamborghini ride-on car.

Lamborghini Ride On Electric Cars for Kids

Check out our large range of battery/electric Lamborghinis for children aged three years and over with parental control. We offer all vehicles battery power ranging from 12V to 24V and running on rechargeable batteries. Many of our Lamborghinis have an official license. The sturdy plastic frames and seat belts offer additional security. The vehicle registration plate can be customizable by introducing a child’s name.

How do you choose the Lamborghini for your child?

There are very few differences in battery size or performance. Each one is similar in maximum speed voltage and running times. One of its main differences is that some models have two seats, whereas one is a rider in the one-seat model.

We want your children to be safe!

All our Lamborghini rides include safety harnesses with parental controls so you can get control anytime. It allows parents to use their car in disguise. The best thing about this car is its safety features, allowing your kids to have fun in the garden while you’re watching.

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