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Summer is coming and you’re no doubt preparing your garden for the (hopefully) hot weather. One of the most popular garden features are trampolines and bouncy castles. Both are great fun, great for exercise and are surprisingly affordable, but there are clear benefits of each of them.

We have a wide selection of trampolines and bouncy castles for the garden, in a variety of styles, shapes and colours to suit your needs. Here we will help you decide whether you should buy a trampoline or a bouncy castle.

Why Buy a Trampoline?

There are many benefits of buying a trampoline as well as the more commonly known health and fitness benefits. Trampolines come in various sizes to suit a variety of gardens. Here at Epic Play, we stock some of the best trampolines available in the UK, but why should you choose a trampoline over a bouncy castle?

  • Loads of exercise: Trampolines are a really powerful piece of equipment that help your children (and you) to build balance and control.
  • A larger variety for different ages: Toddlers to adults can use trampolines, so they are great for families of all different ages.
  • Electricity not needed: Unlike bouncy castles, trampolines don’t need a power supply to keep them working, so they can be used right down at the end of the garden!

Why Buy a Bouncy Castle?

The ultimate birthday party, summer party or BBQ centrepiece! Bouncy castles are great fun and really stand out, with their bright colours. We have a wide selection of bouncy castles available at amazing prices. So why should you buy a bouncy castle over a trampoline?

  • Easy to store and pack away: Bouncy castles can be deflated and stored in the garage, shed or anywhere suitable. As they are so quick and easy to set up.
  • More than 1 child can use them at a time: For safety reasons, it is better to only have one person on a trampoline at a time. Bouncy castles are safe for multiple users at the same time, making them perfect for parties.
  • Perfect for party animals: For the above reason, as well as the fact that they make the perfect centrepiece, are great fun and look great.

Of course, you can always choose to buy both! But hopefully the above helps you to make the right decision for your family. Bouncy castles and trampolines are great fun, provide great exercise and are suitable for all types and shapes of gardens.

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