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Top 5 tips for enjoying a post-pandemic, post-Brexit Christmas

Top 5 tips for enjoying a post-pandemic, post-Brexit Christmas


Yes, we know that Halloween has only just happened, but Christmas post-pandemic and post-Brexit will be slightly different. We felt that we wanted to urgently keep you all in the loop to ensure that your little people are not left disappointed.

You have probably heard in the news that many retailers are having an issue with stock. You may have dismissed it as scaremongering, but with us being right in the eye of the storm, we can assure you that most of what you have read is true. The supply chain has become a bit broken, product costs are going up (almost daily), and shipping costs are also increasing at an alarming rate. Products are hard to source, and there is indeed a shortage of drivers. Retailers are working so hard behind the scenes to deliver Christmas as normal. Blame Brexit, blame the pandemic, blame furlough – but either way, we want to make sure we put lots of smiles on peoples faces this year.

Here are our top5 tips for enjoying Christmas 2021

1) Order early

We cannot recommend this highly enough. Websites will have the last order date as close to Christmas as possible, but we would recommend ordering as early as you can. As soon as you have decided on a product please make your order. It would be devastating to receive the order late or not at all. Yes, you can always request a refund, but the magic would have already have been broken.

2) Make the most of pre-order

Pre-order items where possible. If you have to choose between two products, one is currently out of stock, and the other is pre-order, we recommend pre-ordering. That way, you are securing a product and also the price at that moment. Prices are highly likely to increase over the next couple of months, and the stock is not guaranteed to return.

3) Hide the surprise from prying eyes

You don’t have to have the items delivered to you. Some items are just waaaay too big to hide from prying eyes. Consider getting gifts delivered to a family member, friend or even your place of work.

4) Check the packaging

Whoever is receiving the item should check the package. Check for damage, and if you are unhappy, you can refuse delivery or make the courier wait whilst you check the item.

5) Check the product

Even if the packaging looks perfect, it’s always a good idea to check the actual product as soon as you can. Make sure it’s the right item, everything is present, and it is all working. If you need batteries then make sure to have plenty in place.

We really do hope that you can enjoy an absolutely wonderful Christmas for 2021. Please have a browse of our website for some amazing ideas.