Top 5 Christmas Presents for Active Kids

Top 5 Christmas Presents for Active Kids



Are your kid’s future sports stars? Do they love running, jumping and bouncing? We previously picked out 5 toys for imaginative kids, but this week we’re showcasing the perfect Christmas presents for active children.

Top 10 gifts for active kids

1. Samba Goals
Let’s start with these fantastic football goals. Available in different sizes to suit children of all ages, and a variety of different gardens, these are easy to put together and take apart and are strong enough to withstand shots. Ideal for your future World Cup winner!

2.Plum Junior Garden Croquet
Traditional wooden croquet set, ideal for children to enjoy outdoor play in the garden or on their travels. These may not be quite as active as some other toys on offer, but they do allow kids to practice valuable skills that can come in useful for when they play sports.

3. Push and Kick Scooters
Scooters offer a fun way to get around and are great for fitness. Active kids love whizzing around on these epic scooters!

4. Trampolines
With a variety of sizes available, trampolines aren’t just for gymnastics clubs. They are great for small and large gardens and are safe to use. As we explained in a previous blog, there are many great benefits of trampolining including health benefits and of course fun!

5. Climbing Frames
Great for use in the garden, climbing frames offer exercise, imaginative play and lots of fun. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different children and different gardens.