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Electric cars for kids are one of the most epic toys around right now, and what child wouldn’t want to drive around in their back garden? These are great for racing, learning tricky manoeuvres and completing courses (that parents can have fun creating!)

Although the rush of fast speeds is great, today we’re thinking about style, so we’ve picked out five of our most stylish cars for kids. From slick sports cars to classic retro replicas, each one brings their own charm.

black_angle_2BMW X6 Ride on Jeep: Made under official licence from BMW, this tough and stylish ride on car for kids is sure to impress. Ideal for the future footballer to drive to and from matches in the back garden. The childrens X6 Jeep, with working lights is the ultimate in replica SUVs.



img_1402Hummer Style Ride on Jeep: Hit the wild terrain of the back garden with this ultra cool, ultra powerful and ultra fun Hummer. With this ride on Jeep, your kids won’t just drive around, they’ll roam and explore. Who needs roads when you have a ride on Jeep?




VW Style Ride on Beetle: Although your kids may not know about the legendary movie-starring Beetle, Herbie, they will surely appreciate the coolness, and fun of riding this retro style ride on car. Picture the scene: your kids racing around the garden in mini Beetles. Now that is cool!



dmd168w-1Mercedes ML63 AMG SUV: Made under official licence from Mercedes, this is a solid and stylish ride on car, for kids who want to look powerful as they drive around the garden.




black_2Bentley Continental GT: Smooth, stylish and classy, this ride on Bentley Continental truly is the ride on car to be seen in! Show off in this powerful and cool car, fully licenced by Bentley.




Ride on cars are great for teaching children the vital skills of co-ordination and control. They also get kids exploring their environment in a new way as they weave, circle and dash across the garden. But of course, the best thing about electric cars for kids is that they are lots of fun!

We have a huge selection of electric ride on cars here at EPIC Play, all of them fun, all of them stylish and all of them epic!

These are our top choices of 2015, our 2016 AND 2017 best seller is the White Range Rover HSE style ride on car.

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