In such unknown times many children will either have to or choose to take a packed lunch with them to school. We have tried to help by coming up with a selection of awesome lunchboxes to look through as we know choosing the right box can make lunchtime that bit more interesting:

Box Icon Bento Box With Fork And SpoonPhoto credit,

Bento Box With Fork And Spoon

This bento box comes in a variety of colours but the important thing is that it includes not just a space for your utensils but it has its own fork and spoon, not all bento/boxes have that option. Many times a child has come home minus a utensil and the parent can’t bring themselves to ask the teacher if they have seen a spoon anywhere.

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Box Icon Shark Clip And Close Bento BoxPhoto credit, Aldi

Shark Clip And Close Bento Box

We can’t argue with the value of this bento box, at £4.99 and in the three colour varieties it is a great starter to see if a bento box would be a good fit for your child. Having two layers means you can stuff it full of the goodies your child loves to eat.

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Box Icon Personalised Traditional Football LunchboxPhoto credit, Not On The Highstreet

Personalised Traditional Football Lunchbox

Finding a lunch box that your child loves and uses well can be difficult so making sure their name stays on it is very important but with this lunchbox it comes personalised so the name doesn’t come off. This lunchbox is different from the others due to it being empty inside but that does mean you can find a water bottle that fits which means there is less chance of losing it.

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Box Icon 3 Sprouts Lunch (Bento) BoxPhoto credit,

3 Sprouts Lunch (Bento) Box

If you have a messy child, like most of us do, then this Bento box will be great for you as it is dishwasher safe with the added benefit of having three compartments. This means you can give your child a bigger variety of the nibbles they love!

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As you know we love a lunchbox that has a section for the cutlery and we think we might have just found a really awesome one that your child would want to take day after day!

Box Icon Munchkin Bento BoxPhoto credit, Precious Little Thing

Munchkin Bento Box

This Munchkin box has that as well as all the compartments are leak proof, if you have a child that has difficulties with their food mixing/touching then this lunchbox is perfect because all the compartments are sealed once the lid is snapped shut.

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Now you feel more confident with your lunchbox choice why not checkout our “Inspirational Ideas For Lunchboxes” blog to find some awesome and creative lunches to fill them with?

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