This year has been the most unusual year. We’ve all had our highs and lows. Family life is definitely taking a hit, whether it’s being isolated from our loved ones, or being stuck in the same 4 walls as them! Everyone’s life has been turned upside down.

How did you start lockdown?

  • Did you start lockdown on a bit of a mission to crack down on bad habits and get your to do list done?
  • Did you decide to go on a new family exercise regime? (Think Joe Wicks!!)
  • Did you decide to relax with your children and focus on mental health?
  • Or did you do all of the above?

Whichever you went with, there really isn’t a one size fits all solution. In our household we’ve had weeks of awesome creativity, then weeks of pure laziness and relaxation. Over the lockdown, like many families, we tried a huge amount of new activities such as salt dough, baking, learning to ride a bike and generally exploring the local area. But now, 7 months later, we’re flagging a little bit! We’re just running out of ideas and steam on how to keep our tiny people entertained!

So we’ve put together a list of ideas which will help us, and hopefully you, feel inspired to try something new.

Just a quick note before we let you loose on the list, do not forget… You are awesome and you are doing great!

Box Icon 1. Video call the grandparents

1. Video call the grandparents

Are your children fed up with hearing you talk?


Ours too…


Enlist friends and family to read your kids their bedtime stories or even, if they’re feeling brave, get them on homework duty!!

Box Icon 2. Scavenger hunt

2. Scavenger hunt

Where are the keys?!?


Unlike the day to day scavenger hunts, such as, “where are my keys?” and “where is the remote?”, try setting up a scavenger hunt.


You could make it a themed one and all dress up like pirates or even make it a find the clue type scavenger hunt with a treat at the end. Both are bound to keep everyone entertained for a while!


Box Icon 3. Hide and Seek

3. Hide and Seek

Need 5 minutes to yourself?


Try a game of hide and seek.


Epic tip: Find a chocolate bar, hide in the most obscure place and enjoy your 5 minutes whilst they search for you.. Failing that, sneak out the back door and watch them search for you from the garden!


Box Icon 4. Get out the baking gear

4. Get out the baking gear

Entertaining and super tasty!


I’m not sure if this is on the list because it’s entertaining and educational for the kids or whether it’s here because parents need mass amounts of chocolate cake too! Either way. Pick a recipe and get it done!


Epic tip: Pick a whole bunch of recipes, print them off and then pick them at random when you need to consume an hour (and 1000 calories!).


Box Icon 5. Paint

5. Paint

If you dare… 


This one can be super messy! So be prepared with cling film on your surfaces, aprons and plenty of space for drying the masterpieces.


Epic Tip: Grab a giant cardboard box, take it to the garden and let your kids loose! They’ll love the fresh are and new views and you’ll love that the mess can be washed by tomorrows rain.

Box Icon 6. Den building

6. Den building

Indoors or outdoors this will be super fun!


Whether you’re a fully grown adult or a little kid, building a den is so much fun! Watch their eyes light up as you throw together some cushions and blankets to make a fort or grab a giant cardboard box to build a princess castle.


Epic tip: If it’s a bit miserable and rainy, build your den indoors. If you’re feeling a bit uninspired, bring in your kids playhouse or a pop up tent!

Box Icon 7. Transform your sand and water table

7. Transform your sand and water table

Bring it indoors!


There’s no reason why a sand and water table can’t be used all year round. Fill it in with the following to turn it into a sensory table or archaeological dig


  • Shaving foam,
  • Cereal,
  • Pasta,
  • Coloured rice and
  • Kinetic sand
Box Icon 8. Race!

8. Race!

This is one for the competitive parents out there.


Whether you have a bike, scooter, ride on car or just really speedy trainers. Get outside and set up a race.

Don't forget!

A big giant epic play tip:

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and the time with your kids. They’re going to be feeling your stress as well. So if you guys need a bit of technology time, embrace it! Get out the old Wii or a new age Nintendo Switch and race it out on the big screen instead.

Most importantly, stay safe!

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