Thinking of fresh new ideas for those school lunches can be a struggle and the novelty of having a packed lunch can wear off quickly but as long as you follow these fun but healthy ideas you will have the kids asking for packed lunches rather than having the school jacket potato every time like my little potato.

The NHS recommendations for a healthy lunch is to include:

  • Starchy food such as wraps, rice, bread and potatoes
  • At Least one portion of fruit or vegetables, but try to aim for more
  • A portion of low fat protein including meat, beans, fish and eggs

We have used this advice while coming up with these tasty lunchbox ideas but we have added a few healthy treats as well. Our main idea is to keep it as fun as possible for the children but as easy as can be for the parents.

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Super Wrapless Wraps!

Rather than just plain sandwiches or wraps why not use sliced meat as the bread? This way you can manage any gluten intolerance and have fun with different flavours and textures together.

Or you could prepare a crustless quiche in advance and prep for lunch, with as many hidden veggies as you want to add. Including something that the children have helped to make will be more likely to encourage them to try something new.

Give savoury muffins a go, these are super easy to make and can be very simple to make and store. Another great source of protein is eggs, boiling an egg takes minutes but the energy your child gets from eating it will last hours. Follow these simple steps for a perfect boiled egg.

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Amazing Healthy Snacks!

Having more snack food sometimes encourages children to eat more. Why not try a selection of vegetables, flatbread and hummus? Including extras such as continental meats or pretzels for dipping can make a lunch zing with excitement. Or even try guacamole. It is so easy to make your own hummus or guacamole, give it a go and see how much of a hit it is with the family.

For something lighter and more fun during lunchtime you could pack some rice cakes and use containers for the toppings such as peanut/almond butter, tuna, cream cheese and cucumber. The choices are endless, some will be a miss but most will be a massive hit.

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Vibrant Vegetable Ribbons

A chicken salad, tuna pasta salad or couscous salad is a great idea if you are running low on time it is just the way you present it, using fruit cutters or creating vegetable ribbons using a peeler can make any regular salad look fun and appetising.

One of our top tips for parents in a rush is to spend just an hour or so making freezer sandwiches with things that can be frozen and storing them in your freezer until you need them. When it comes to a rush for lunch all you will need to do is take one out and put it straight in the lunch box, this way you can have a lovely fresh sandwich and it acts as a cool pack to keep things cool until lunch.

Keeping the children happy with the sweet side of lunch can be an absolute minefield. Well with our help you can rest knowing that you have given the kids something not even the school can complain about.

How about trying to create your own granola bar, flapjacks for even a banana and chocolate cake? The kids will have so much fun making these with you.

If you don’t feel confident baking then there are some great things you can give your kids without worrying about what’s inside. The best we had fun trying were fruit kebabs, homemade fruity yogurt and energy bites. All of these would go great with the products from our blog Keep Lunchbox Life Interesting.

After making all of the delicious snacks, if you use some of these ideas then your lunch will be a massive hit at school, but don’t blame us when all their friends want you to do their lunch for them.

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