How to use your trampoline for kids

How to use your trampoline for kids


So you think a trampoline for kids is just for bouncing, do you? Wrong! Your trampoline is a place for your kids to exercise and use their fantastic imaginations.

Bouncy Ball Mayhem

All of our trampolines currently have an amazing enclosure to keep your children safe, but they also keep ball pool balls in! You can have loooooads of fun by zipping the enclosure up (children inside) with lots of balls as entertainment. You could make it a challenge for them by throwing balls in at them to avoid.

trampoline for kids with enclosure

Slip, Slide and Bounce

On a sweltering day, you could turn your trampoline for kids into a super slippery and cool space to play safely. You could hose them down whilst they slip, slide and bouncy in their safety enclosure. Or make them battle it out with water guns or balloons each.

trampoline for kids elite

Trampoline Fort

Peg some sheets* to the outside of the trampoline and make it into an epic fort, throw in some blankets and pillows to make a cosy place to chill out with a book.

trampoline for kids

Dancing & Bouncing

You can jump, dance, and use your trampoline for kids to achieve both at the same time! Turn up the music and play a game of musical statues whilst bouncing crazy.

Arts and Crafts

You could use large outdoor chalk to decorate your trampoline with fun patterns. Make hopscotch or draw naughts and crosses.

* If your children are very young, it would be best to make sure you always have a line of sight to them, just in case they need help.