Do you know how to measure a trampoline for your garden? No, then check out our quick guide below on how trampolines are measured so you can be sure you have enough room to bounce on your new trampoline.

How to measure a trampoline – round trampolines

A round trampoline is measured by it’s diameter of the metal frame, not the super jumping area.

Our trampolines come in a great range of sizes from 4.5ft up to 14ft, so you are bound to find a round trampoline that will fit your garden.

How to measure a trampoline – square or rectangular trampoline

A rectangular or square trampoline is measured by the size of each side on the metal frame, starting with the smallest length, not the inner jumping area.

Our square trampolines come 12ft and 15ft size check them out here –  square trampoline.

Our rectangle trampolines come in a range of sizes from 7ft * 10ft up to 10ft * 15ft.

How to measure a trampoline – oval trampolines

We also offer a great range of oval trampolines starting from 7ft * 10ft up to 10ft * 15ft similar to the rectangular trampolines you measure the shortest length first and then the longer length from one edge of the frame to the other.

Other factors

There are a few other things you may want to think about before purchasing your trampoline. For safety you will need to leave a small gap around a trampoline just in case someone falls into the edge, you wouldn’t want them to then crash into a wall. If you live in a particularly windy area you may want to invest in some windy day tie downs, these are available as an extra for a few of our trampolines.

Our top choices for trampolines for July 2018

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