You should always celebrate how much you love your friends and families but with valentines day just passed and mother’s day is coming up, here is a cute little tutorial for you and your children to make little, personalised cards for their loved ones.

arts and crafts with kids

Step one of making your heart card: Gather your tools!

You will need:

  • Scissors,
  • A pencil,
  • A brown felt tip,
  • A glue stick,
  • A5 white paper,
  • Red ready mix paint
  • A5 card in a colour of your choice, we chose pink!

crafting with kids

Step 2: Trim

Trim the edges of the A5 paper with your scissors, as a parent/guardian for help if necessary. You could even use crazy zig-zag scissors to make them extra awesome!

family crafts

Step 3: Draw on your tree!

Draw on your tree, use the brown for the tree and a pencil to draw a rough outline of the heart as a guide for the messy bits!

tree crafts

Step 4: The messy and fun bit!

For this stage, you may want to wear an apron! Now is time to get your fingers in the paint and fill in the tree shape with fingerprints for leaves!


Step 5: Redo the tree

Once the paint is dry go over the tree shape with the brown pen so its shape is bright and beautiful!

kits art

Step 6: Get sticking!

Finally, fold the card in half and stick your beautiful heart tree onto the card!

Voila, a beautiful and homemade gift for your awesome loved ones.

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