Halloween this year may feel scarier than ever but don’t worry, we have you covered. We have some really awesome, fun ideas for all ages and anytime of the day from window letter hunting,  creative play doh ‘monsters’ or frightening recipes the whole family will love to cook and eat. The best bit about Halloween this year is that the 31st of October lands on a Saturday which is also during half term for many children! This means the fun can build for a whole week, you can have a lot of excitement and happiness on the day without worrying about uniforms, bed times and lunches the next day.

Some of the fun things we have come up with can start the week before Halloween including creating a neighborhood letter hunt and on the day you can create your own cinema to watch your favorite ‘scary’ movie or just your favorite movie of all time and why not add a few treats. We have put together an awesome list of tasty Halloween ideas for you below:

Box Icon Witches Finger Hot Dogs

Witches Finger Hot Dogs

Make a horrifying meal to please even the most fussiest of eaters!

Get Boiling
Box Icon Gooey Brain Cake

Gooey Brain Cake

Knock the socks off your kids by presenting this blood-curdling cake.

Get Baking
Box Icon Frozen Banana Ghosts

Frozen Banana Ghosts

Make these frightful little monsters for your very own little monsters.

Get Freezing
Box Icon Spider pizzas

Spider pizzas

Scare the kids and the adults with these hair-raising pizzas!

Get Rolling

Why not start the celebrations early and create some super awesome, very scary crafts? With the kids being home for a week before Halloween you can get them to work on all the fun things that make Halloween some to really celebrate. We have created a list of fun family crafts to keep both the children and the adults entertained:

  • Hand print Spiders
  • Creepy Monster Rocks
  • Masking Tape Mummy
  • Stained Glass Pumpkin
  • Jack – O – Lanterns
  • Paper Plate Monsters
  • Apple Print Pumpkins
  • Play Doh Monsters

Another fantastic way to celebrate Halloween from a distance is to get all dressed up in your scariest costumes and have a Zoom party. You can have fun by creating a Halloween bingo sheet for the whole group to participate in. Each sheet could consist of nine pictures, print out as many sheets as you like, either post by hand or send them all over the world via email. All you need to do is cut one sheet up and mix them in a hat or bowl, then use a pen to mark off the matching picture on each of your scary picture sheets as they are pulled out of the bowl. Whoever shouts ‘BINGO’ or makes a scary ‘ROAAAAAAR’ first wins, this could be the end of the game or you could mix up the pictures and play again.

If you don’t want to be stuck in on Halloween then you could always organize a window letter hunt by contacting friends and neighbors to put up certain letters from a word and as you walk around all dressed up in the most frightful outfits collecting each letter as you go, for each letter you collect you can earn a sweet, by the end you will have all the letters but you have to organize them to make the word. You can even do pictures if your children are on the younger side.

To top the evening off with a memory that will last forever why not spend an hour or two under a blue moon? So get an area of your garden set up with warm blankets, pillows and a delicious hot chocolate and enjoy the sight of the creepy blue moon on the creepiest night of the year, you may even want to try your best howl.

This Halloween may seem a bit odd but we hope you have a scary but very fun evening with the family and enjoy a socially distanced evening.

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