Let's celebrate, Christmas 2020 style!

It may be a year of social distancing, and spending a lot more time at home than usual, but for all of us with Christmas being just around the corner we all need a chance to celebrate and be merry! We may not be gathering with a huge amount of family and friends but that doesn’t mean we can’t let them know we love them. We believe these 5 things will show everyone that you care for them and bring them a bit of Christmas cheer.

Box Icon Bake and Post

Bake and Post

Cooking has always been a way for us to communicate and cooking something special for someone can be the most loving thing you could do!


So get into the kitchen,  make a mess with kids and create something everyone will really enjoy. If they live further away, make gingerbread bread men, cookies, Christmas cake or even brownies as they travel well. You could even send them the ingredients to decorate them together over video call.


If you have the chance to hand deliver a gift this gives you the opportunity to cook their favourite food and drop it off for Christmas.  Push yourself to do something fun.

Box Icon Get Crafty with Snowflakes and Christmas cards

Get Crafty with Snowflakes and Christmas cards

Use imagination and create something magical with your children. Try a simple Christmas craft like cutting out snowflakes and adding lots of sparkles! Everyone loves sparkles in the post*.


Or make a festive card! If you don’t find time to get crafty then a shop bought Christmas card will be just as exciting for your loved ones to receive in the post.


*P.S You might want to send a heads up to anybody receiving sparkles, it’s definitely not a post they’ll want to open indoors!

Box Icon The Gift Of Time (virtually)

The Gift Of Time (virtually)

Spending time together may be difficult this year but contacting your loved ones via Skype, Zoom or even a phone call costs very little. Don’t forget many of your family members will need that interaction.


It doesn’t have to be about missing out, you can make it so much fun, organise your meal times to be ready at the same time and have your phone on speaker or prop up a tablet with a camera at the end of the table to get involved by video call. Or even open some Christmas presents together!

Box Icon Be Creative with Hampers

Be Creative with Hampers

Create a hamper for them to open on Christmas morning. You could fill the hamper with their favourite treats, or with your homemade crafts. You could decorate a mug or plate for them to use. So on Christmas day they can enjoy the treats while thinking of you.


You could send a hamper in advance of a Christmas video call and open it and enjoy the treats during! So like a Christmas afternoon tea together, but separately!

Box Icon Send Some Flowers

Send Some Flowers

With the rush of Christmas, time can escape us but if you want to send your family or friends something special why not try ordering flowers? This may seem like a small thing but having flowers delivered to you can be such a pleasant surprise and it can bring a smile to your loved ones face.


If you think they would like something they can tuck into why not try sending a nice box of chocolates? With such a variety of choices out there you won’t find it hard picking their favourites.


You could send these at any time of the year and these will certainly cheer up your friends and family.

Merry Christmas!

We hope that we have helped you come up with some ideas so you, your family and your friends will feel that they are truly loved and thought of this Christmas.

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