When it comes to outdoor play, climbing has been a kids’ favourite for a long time. Climbing frames in parks are often popular, but with so many affordable options available to suit gardens of all sizes, could a climbing frame be the right thing for you to buy for your outdoor space?

There are many reasons why climbing frames can be beneficial for children, so that we will highlight five of them in this blog post.

  1. Climbing Builds Physical Strength: This is the basic benefit of climbing. It requires children to pull themselves up, manoeuvre and hold themselves in position. By building physical strength, children can set themselves up for the future and build confidence and condition for other activities. As they lift their body weight, it is not a dangerously heavy amount of weight for a young age.
  2. Climbing is Fun! When you are young, it isn’t easy to motivate yourself to do something unless it is fun. The fun side of climbing is what keeps children doing it. Having fun and playing is the best part of being young, and climbing on a climbing frame is a great way for your children to do that.
  3. Climbing Promotes Problem Solving and the Achievement of Goals: Through climbing, kids can set goals to reach the top of the climbing frame, reach a different bar, climb down and hold themselves in one place. There are plenty of potential goals to achieve and plenty of potential problems to solve. This helps build confidence and develops problem-solving skills that are hugely important for later life.
  4. Climbing Increases Hand-Eye Co-ordination: When climbing on a climbing frame, we use all four of our limbs and gradually, through this, develop hand-eye coordination as we need to be aware of where each hand and foot is. This skill can be transferred to other sports and activities and is generally vital for us to develop.
  5. Climbing Builds Confidence: One of the best ways for a child (or an adult) to build confidence is by overcoming fears. Climbing helps us safely do this. Children can reach heights that they wouldn’t otherwise reach alone and can be in control of what they do.

Here at Epic Play, we have a wide selection of climbing frames for kids. If you are unsure about the type of climbing frame that would suit your children and your garden, please contact us.

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