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Christmas, how to make it special in 2020

Christmas, how to make it special in 2020


It seems crazy early to start talking about Christmas but we’re currently less than 2 months away! So it’s definitely on all of our minds.

For many people this year will be tough, they may be suffering mentally or facing financial uncertainty. We will likely have to miss out on many of the social events that we usually get to enjoy.

So how can we all make it special for our families?

We’ve put together the following list of 7 ideas on how to make it special for you and your families:

Box Icon 1. Set a reasonable budget

1. Set a reasonable budget

Establish a budget for each person or household and stick to it. Decide how you want to spend it, weigh up your options. Do you want to buy lots of little single use products or one big considered toy that can be used time and time again?

Box Icon 2. Secret Santa

2. Secret Santa

Agree with family and friends on a sensible budget for each child, or adult. Then everyone gets to enjoy giving someone a present and receiving one too. Not only is it super exciting, because you don’t know who bought you a gift, but it is also much nicer than the usual chaos!

Box Icon 3. Recycle, reuse and repurpose

3. Recycle, reuse and repurpose

Recycle used books and board games and arrange a swap. This is perfect for adults too and gives your books more love than they’d get hiding on the bookshelf.

Box Icon 4. Get the kids involved

4. Get the kids involved

Remind them that Christmas is about finding something special for someone they care about. Get them involved in the whole process, from the gift selection to wrapping. They will get more out of it as they’ll be excited to see the other persons reactions too!

Box Icon 5. Shop local

5. Shop local

Seek out local and independent businesses for your gifts. When you buy local you’ll make that business owner or artist do a happy dance.

Did you know: Epic Play is a little company run by husband and wife, Paul and Michelle. So EVERYTIME an order is placed Paul and Michelle do their little happy dance and start prepping your order!

Box Icon 6. DIY it!

6. DIY it!

There are loads of fun, and tasty, gifts you could make. Here are a few of our thoughts:

  • cakes,
  • biscuits,
  • cards,
  • fudge,
  • decorations
  • a jam jar to create a hot chocolate kit with chocolate, hot chocolate powder and some marshmallows.
  • Homemade vouchers you could offer days outs, treats, favours etc. These can be totally free – eg a voucher to babysit.
Box Icon 7. Spend time together

7. Spend time together

We have hundred of ideas for this but the aim is to get our kids out of their bedrooms and onto the sofa for a snuggle. Here are a few:

  • Set up a movie night
  • Decorate the house together, you could even make the decorations from things you’ve collected or found in nature.
  • Explore a new woodlands or park near by
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Races for Christmas inspired prizes
  • Dress up fancy – Make sure to say “Hello” to everyone you cross (social distancing of course!) this will make their day as well as yours.

How does Epic Play tick those boxes

So how can we tick the boxes for your special 2020 Christmas?

Choosing one of our ride on carsscooters or trampolines may seem like a big chunk of your budget, but imagine all the exciting places you can ride or the hours and hours of fun that can be had in the garden bouncing around. We think Christmas is about the amazing experiences you can offer your children. If you’re worried about your children not opening loooads of gifts then why not make it into a scavenger hunt? Leave them a trail of envelopes filled with clues and challenges until they find their ride on car or trampoline. It will draw out the gift opening experience and will make a day to remember.

Did you know: We also offer a warranty on items purchased for Christmas and our warranty starts on the 25th December