Each family enjoys a holiday but finding your perfect time away can be very stressful. Have you considered a staycation?

The definition of a staycation is,

’a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions’.

To some this may sound boring but to us at Epic Play this couldn’t sound more fun. This exciting holiday choice is the perfect time with your family and friends without the stress that comes with planning and travelling.

With Spring and Summer approaching fast you have so much to choose from, you can enjoy your home and garden as well as explore new parts of the country you may not have heard of or seen before.

Head to the beach

Living on such a vibrant island is the most magical thing, we have so much to choose from. There are many different beaches that are some of the best in the world such as

  • Porthmeor Beach (St Ives)
  • Eastbourne Beach (Grand Parade)
  • Scarborough Beach (South Bay)
  • St Andrews West Sands
  • Broadhaven Beach (Broad Haven North)

To find out if there are any beaches near you or some further afield then visit https://www.thebeachguide.co.uk/best-beaches/ for a great guide to some of the most beautiful beaches we have to choose from.

If you can’t get to a beach or are just not a fan we have you covered with the Awesome Smoby Sand and Water Table. This will give your children hours of play, possibly giving you time to finish that cup of tea before it goes cold, check it out;

Play at the park

The next best thing to do while on a staycation is to visit a play park. Many of the parks across the country have water play or an outdoor pool which is a great way to keep cool once the weather turns warmer than the sun.

We do have many different playsets and climbing frames available to keep your little ones amused if you are unable to get to a park! With a staycation being cheaper than an overseas holiday you may want to spoil your little ones with their very own play park;


This specific playset has many add ons so that you can personalise it to fit you and your children’s needs.The slide is available in six colours to perfectly match your garden or to make your garden a colourful adventure wonderland.

What else does a staycation have to offer?

Staying at home can be more than just visiting places and/or staying in a different part of the country, it’s about making lots of memories. We believe one of the best ways to have fun is as a family and one of the most enjoyable activities is walking the coast paths. The paths vary in difficulty and are an amazing way of getting a bit of exercise while enjoying the beautiful coast that surrounds us. After all that walking you can treat yourselves to a delicious picnic?

The National Trust have put together a list of coastal paths you can take;


To make a walk much more interesting for your children you can take a bike or scooter for them to ride, we have a fun collection to choose from if you are looking to treat them to an awesome new one;

So go and enjoy your ideal staycation on our beautiful island, remember to make lots of memories and take plenty of photos!

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