Are you feeling festive yet?  Yes, we know Christmas is several weeks away but things are going to ramp up really quickly.  Perhaps this year you just don’t want the hassle of keeping up with the best sellers.  Perhaps you would love to avoid redesigning your house to accommodate all of the extra toys!  Christmas isn’t really just about buying and spending either is it?  It’s about family and giving.

Here are some ideas of lovely inspirational gifts that you could consider to give either alongside a larger gift or just on their own.  Each has been selected because not only is it thoughtful but it will also encourage family time and adventures.

Tickets and experiences

There are so many wonderful places in the UK to visit. For example, a national trust membership, there are hundreds of National Trust places across the UK to visit, many of which often have fun events or classes for children and adults. Or how about an annual pass for local tourist attractions or tickets for a show are all fabulous gifts that will not clutter even the smallest of abode. These gifts will definitely bring a family together. Also instead of gifting these in an envelope, consider opting for a larger hamper style box filled with inexpensive themed items.

Cooking with children

A well-illustrated and children friendly cookery book is more than just a gift.  It’s the promise of adventures in the kitchen with Mum and Dad at the weekends.  It’s a gift that builds up experience and confidence, which are important for life as an adult.  You could also make a bundle with a gorgeous cookery book, baking equipment, ingredients and even a personalised apron. If you’re children love baking then you could create a scorecard and go for a family “bake off”.

Binoculars and Wellington boots

Adventures are sure to be just around the corner with a fun set of Wellington boots and some children friendly binoculars for spotting all sorts of nature. See our Facebook post here of things you could look out for.

Crabbing kit

Your little ones are bound to be inspired by the latest Blue Planet 2 series.  Let them explore the waters in-depth with a fun crabbing kit. All you need is a bucket and some patience. Don’t forget to encourage your children to put the cute critters unharmed back in the sea at the end.

Kitchen gadgets

There are so many cool kitchen gadgets for children on the market (do you remember Mr Frosty as a kid?). Here are a few fun and tasty options

  • Popcorn makers,
  • Slushi machines,
  • Chocolate fountains and
  • Waffle machines.

Gifts to encourage outdoor play

Yes, we know that we are slightly biased but presents such as playhouses, trampolines and ride on cars are firm family favourites that will create memories. They encourage outdoor play and inspire imagination.

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