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The Benefits of Swinging

The Benefits of Swinging



As the weather gets warmer, now is the time to prepare for outside play in the garden, and swings are one of the best things for children. They are great fun, don’t take up too much space so can be used in a variety of different sizes and shapes of the garden, and build up a lot of skills and behaviours that are useful and important for kids as they grow up.

Why every child should have a swing

We have a variety of different types of swings, some integrated with slides and climbing frames and made to fit in gardens of different sizes. In this blog post, we explain some of the benefits of playing on swings.

  1. Physical Exercise: Active play is one of the key areas we promote here at Epic Play. With our products, you can turn your back garden into a park-style play area, safely. Swings are a key part of this as they offer fantastic physical exercise. Children are required to use a variety of muscles to lean, balance and build momentum. Exercise is so important to all of us, especially to kids, as if your children get a good start, it sets them up for a healthy life.
  2. Improving Balance: Balance is a key skill to learn, which can set up children for other activities such as cycling and team sports. As children hold on and keep their bodies upright, they are able to develop their balance, which can then be developed further as they get older.
  3. Promoting Social Interaction: As well as the physical benefits of playing on swing sets, there is a big social benefit. When playing on swings, children often ask a parent or friend to push them. And when they gain more strength and confidence, they can use double swing sets with their friends, both aiming to get higher than the other.
  4. Swings are Fun: Let’s not forget why kids like to play on swings. They are lots of fun. When swinging high in the air, children get the rush of excitement, and when they go faster and higher than ever before they get the satisfaction of beating their record. The fun side of swinging keeps them wanting to play again and again.

With all of these benefits, how could you not want to have a swing set in your garden? Here at Epic Play we have a great selection of swings in many different sizes, colours and shapes. If you have any queries about them, please do contact us.