Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are generally used as a stepping stone, leading to kids learning to ride regular bicycles. Perfect for children aged between 2 and 4, there are many benefits to using them, which we will look at in this article.

Boost their confidence

You can start your children using balance bikes from a young age, just making sure their feet can touch the ground. By starting young, they grow up feeling comfortable on the balance bike. They, therefore, have a good level of confidence about using them, which will make the transition to regular bikes easier. As their feet are in contact with the floor, they shouldn’t feel like they could fall.


This is the big one. They can learn to balance from a young age, which goes hand in hand with their confidence. The more they feel like they can balance, the more they will feel confident, and the more confident they feel, the more they will be happy to rely on their balance.

Independent learning

Learning to ride a bike with stabilisers is great, but there is something much more liberating about learning without. Balance bikes give your children mobility and let them roam around the home and garden.

Safe Exercise

Balance bikes will give your children a great little workout and burn off energy, but they are also very safe. Kids have full control and drag their feet to slow themselves down to go as fast or as slow as they like.

Balance bikes are great for the first time on a bike and make a move to regular cycling so much easier! See our full collection of super fun and super epic balance bikes for the future cyclist in your family.

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