Being in lock down gave us a chance to see what we could do indoors, this made us appreciate the time we may have missed with our family. Now we have the freedom of the outdoors again we have a selection of cars so you and your little ones can have lots of fun in the open air on these autumnal days.

1. Our Audi R8 Spyder Ride on Car

The Audi R8 Spyder is a spectacular car for your children to grow up with because it is suitable from the ages of 3-6 years old. It’s design and build quality is awesome and very similar to the real thing.

Box Icon Licensed Audi R8 Spyder 12V Ride on Car

Licensed Audi R8 Spyder 12V Ride on Car

The Audi R8 Spyder has some really cool features such as:

  • Working LED lights – On the front and rear
  • Opening doors – Realistic opening doors.
  • Key Start – Realist key ignition start
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Having a 12v battery is one of the coolest things about this ride on car, this means if you like to visit areas with different terrains this car is suitable to be driven on most of them.

2. An Epic Licensed Range Rover Evoque

If you have been looking for your child’s perfect ride on car then we have it here for you. The licensed Range Rover Evoque is one of the nicest of our selection, not only does it look like the real thing but it also has realistic fully working rear suspension.

Box Icon Licensed Range Rover Evoque 12v Ride on Car

Licensed Range Rover Evoque 12v Ride on Car

The licensed Range Rover Evoque has some awesome features:

  • Steering wheel sounds – The steering wheel has buttons that play sounds
  • MP3 player input – For those driving tunes
  • 2.4G Bluetooth Parental remote control – To help control the car and radio
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This ride on car is suitable for either two younger children or one older child, which means you may be in the family for some time.

3. The Perfect Ride on Jeep

Finding your child’s dream car can be a tough one, let us help you out with this cool ride on car. This ride on car is the perfect gift if you have a fan of Jurassic Park or other adventure films.

Box Icon 2 Seater 12v Ride on Electric Jeep 4×4

2 Seater 12v Ride on Electric Jeep 4×4

Some of it’s awesome features are:

  • Seat belt – The car has a seat belt fitted, to keep your child safe if using the parental remote option.
  • Two speed settings – Either drive with more torque and a lower speed, or higher speed on flat surfaces!
  • Working lights – The front headlights illuminate when the car is being driven.
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The best feature on this model has to be the battery meter, which allows you to keep a close eye on how much time there is left to play as well as helping to avoid any upset once the car needs to be charged.

4. Fight crime with a Police style ride on jeep

When your child plays dress up and pretends to catch the ‘bad guys’ this would be the perfect ride on car to chase those bad guys down. This amazing car is available in both a British and American styled police car.

Box Icon Police Range Rover style SUV 4×4 off road 12v

Police Range Rover style SUV 4×4 off road 12v

This ride on car has some pretty cool features:

  • Horn and music sounds – Steering wheel activated horn and music sounds.
  • Battery meter – Dashboard mounted battery meter to indicate remaining playtime.
  • Working front and rear suspension – Real working suspension!
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Not only does this look and sound like a real police car but its lights are out of this world! You can switch on the red and blue flashing lights from the dashboard to make for a very realistic ride.

5. Hop on our My First Mini Quad Bike

Looking for a car for a first time rider? Well this mini quad bike is great. It has a 6v battery which means you will not have to worry about it being too fast or powerful but still so much fun to ride.

Box Icon Kids My First Mini 6v Quad Bike

Kids My First Mini 6v Quad Bike

Some fun, child friendly features are:

  • Colours available – Red, Blue, Pink
  • Suitable age range – 2-4 years
  • Working lights – The quad is fitted with working lights
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Even at a younger age you want realism and you get that with this quad bike. It has working lights, horn and it can play music as well.

6. For future ice truckers – Our Mercedes Artic Truck

If you want an eye-catching ride on car then this is it, your child could own their very own Mercedes Artic Truck.

Box Icon Licensed Mercedes Benz Actros 12v Ride On Lorry Artic Truck

Licensed Mercedes Benz Actros 12v Ride On Lorry Artic Truck

It has so many amazing features which make for a realistic experience:

  • Battery meter – Battery level is shown on the MP3 unit display
  • Foot pedal switch operated – The truck motors are powered by pressing the foot pedal
  • Stickers Included – Stickers are included so that you can add them to the truck if you would like to
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This truck also features a parental remote control which means the in-car controls can be used but as a parent you can take over. The remote is Bluetooth connected so no annoying wires connecting you to the car.

7. Stun the streets (or park) with a Mclaren Spider

Last but in no ways least is this dazzling Mclaren 720s Spider. One of the most realistic luxury cars we have, it is pure class and what better way for your child to roll up to a friend or family’s house in this.

Box Icon Licensed McLaren 720S Spider 12V Electric Ride On Car

Licensed McLaren 720S Spider 12V Electric Ride On Car

This model has some realistic McLaren features:

  • Button start – Realistic one-button start
  • Leather Seat – Replicating the real thing
  • Seat belt – The car has a seat belt fitted, to keep your child safe if using the parental remote option
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A nice touch that is included in this model is the handle at the back for adults to easily maneuver the ride on car in position but you could always use the remote control. In manual mode the car has two speeds but with the remote it has three and a brake button.

With products like these it can be a difficult choice but we have you sorted with a large variety of awesome ride on cars to look at. Take some time to look through the products we have shown you to help you make a fun choice for your young family.

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