Gardening with children

We firmly support messy play and enjoying the great outdoors. We have so many ideas on things to do outdoors with children that we’ve put together this list of 17 ideas.

balancing rocks with childrenNo.1 – Balance Rocks

First up on our things to do outdoors list, head down to the beach and try and balance rocks. Feeling a bit competitive? You could make a competition out of it. If you don’t have a beach near by you could go to a near by forest/woods, collect sticks and try stacking them.

bug huntNo.2 – A Bug Hunt

If you’re a bit squeamish then this may not be for you. But you’re children are likely to love this. Head down to your garden or nearest woods with a list of bugs to find, such as:

  • moths,
  • butterflies,
  • bees,
  • woodlice and
  • ants.

build a kiteNo.3 – Build a Kite

Great for an overcast day head to a field or garden, if you have a large garden, and make a kite. You could make them out of paper and straws or material and see what effects each material has on the kite’s flight.

No.4 – DIY Noughts and Crosses

With chalk and sticks or if you’re feeling a bit creative you could make the pieces out of cardboard.

hopscotch with chalkNo.5 – Make a hopscotch

Easy to clean up, let it rain, and fun for big and little kids.


No.6 – Climbing

Create an adventure playground for your children in your garden with our Jungle Gym climbing frames or alternatively head down to your nearest park or woods.

make a teepeeNo.7 – Build a Teepee

Indoors on a rainy day, outdoors on a dry day.

nature scavengar huntNo.8 – Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of animals to spot on a walk around a lake or in the woods with your children.

No.9 – Outdoor painting

Painting indoors is messy and fun, painting outdoors is easy to clean and still fun! Buy the right paint and it will wash away when the rain comes.

flower huntNo.10 – Go on a flower hunt

Visit a National Trust area and go on a flower hunt. You could take some paper and draw them as you wonder around. Or take photos of each of the ones you see and print them off later.

pirate ship game

No.11 – Pirate ship game

We have an awesome ship shaped Jungle Gym which your children would love! Or alternatively get a giant box and have a crafty afternoon with your kids decorating it to look like a boat.

play boulesNo.12 – Play boules

Boules is a simple and really fun outdoor game you and your children can play.

No.13 – Puddle Jumping

A great rainy day activity!

race around the gardenNo.14 – Racing

Race around your garden or street on scooters, balance bikes, motorbikes or ride on cars!

sandcastleNo.15 – Build a sandcastle!

The beach weather has passed but you can still build sandcastles on sand and water tables, usable indoors or outdoors!

treasure huntingNo.16 – Treasure hunting

Indoors or outdoors you could make an incredible treasure until for your children with clues and maps and a huge amount of fun.

water fightNo.17 – Water fight

And lastly on our fun things to do outdoors list we have water fights. Great fun on a sunny day or rainy day, just make sure towels are at the ready and you have a warm place to dry off.

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