10 Things To Do Before You're 10

You only live once, and being a kid is great. When you grow up, you’re often too big (or busy!) to do the things you can do when you’re young, so take advantage of it while you can!

Here at EPIC Play, we love fun things and we love toys and games, so we’ve put together this epic list of 10 things to do before you’re 10. How many of them have you done?

  1. Bounce on a trampoline:
    There’s nothing more fun than bouncing up and down on a trampoline, touching the sky before falling back down softly, and doing it all over again. Trampolining is fun at any age and adults can do it too, but it’s so much more exciting when you’re younger, and who knows, you may get really good at it!
  2. Slide down a water slide:
    One of the most fun ways to cool down on a hot day is to whizz down a waterslide. These days, you don’t even need to fly all the way to an exotic country and stay at a water park, as inflatable slides are easy to set up (and don’t cost too much either!).
  3. Camp in the garden:
    Tell scary stories and sleep out in the garden with brothers, sisters or friends. Of course, you need to ask for mum and dad’s permission first!
  4. Learn to ride a bike:
    Riding a bike is great for balance, strength, fitness and is also a lot of fun. Balance bikes are great for younger children who want to learn.
  5. Build a sandcastle:
    Show off at the beach by building the most extravagant, incredible and huge sandcastle by the sea. Building sandcastles is great fun and creative. Try adding a moat as well, and big walls to stop anyone getting inside.
  6. Make (and run through) a mini assault course in your garden:
    Create obstacles to jump over, crawl under, run round, step-through, hop, skip and jump across and challenge yourself, your friends and mum and dad to beat your time! And if you have nothing to make the course with, try an inflatable obstacle course!
  7. Grow cress:
    Cress grows from seed very quickly, so it is very rewarding and fun to see it growing on the window sill. Once it’s fully grown, you then get to eat it – which is so exciting, knowing you grew it yourself!
  8. Build a den:
    Collect things from around the house or garden and make your own secret hideaway. Then you get to decide who comes in!
  9. Fly a kite:
    We may not have the sunniest weather here in the UK, but the windy weather is good for something – kite flying! So on the next blustery day, take your kite outside, hold it up in the air and let it fly! See how high you can get it and see if you can do any tricks!
  10. Try to ride a skateboard:
    Could you be the next skating superstar? There’s only one way to find out! Skating is great fun. It’s not easy, but with a bit of practice, you should be able to do some tricks!

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